Carlos Espinoza-Toro

Carlos Espinoza-Toro

“I want to be proactive and help small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs go green and prosper economically.”

Carlos Espinoza-Toro is an urban planner, architect, and consultant with over 10 years of experience providing high-quality bilingual technical assistance to small business owners, start-ups, research partnerships and nonpro´Čüts. He is the Small Business Program Director of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation, which helped create the Brewery Small Business Complex, a national model for adaptive re-use of historic industrial buildings.

In 2012 Carlos founded CJET Consulting to assist organizations and individuals in idea development, reorganization, and experimentation. As a consultant, Carlos leads pilot projects, and conducts interactive strategic thinking and troubleshooting workshops. Utilizing a unique approach that uncovers the full potential of complex ideas, concepts and process and delivers tangible insight into synergy development among individuals and organizations.

Before becoming a board member at the Boston Food Forest Coalition, Carlos worked as the Director of Community Organizing at the Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition. He provided critical support to the implementation of transition initiatives through engaging with diverse groups, building trust, and addressing the tensions between systemic thinking and on-the-ground development.

Carlos holds a Masters in City Planning from the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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