Othneil “Utah” Uter

Othneil “Utah” Uter

“Helping folks connect with nature brings me a lot of joy.”

Othneil grew up on a one acre tropical food forest, learning firsthand about the important role they play in our world. His current food forest is in Grove Hall (Dorchester neighborhood of Boston) and includes staples like grapes and apples, and exotics like figs and Arctic kiwi.

Food forests can play a critical role in reversing climate change, providing a cost-effective and low-carbon footprint means of producing food while protecting carbon dioxide-absorbing forests and helping to eliminate hunger and create food security.

Othneil loves giving tours of his food forest, which boasts over 50 different species of fruit and nut trees, and hopes with each new visitor to inspire someone to create one of their own. For it is through these individual efforts and this type of symbiotic activity that we will turn the tide against man’s destructive impact on Earth.

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