Breaking Ground

Spring is here and we are excited to announce our April 26th ground-breaking at Boston Nature Center, a Massachusetts Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary.

We are overjoyed at the opportunity to collaborate with Mass Audubon to create Boston's premiere edible food forest garden, built from the ground-up with permaculture principles. We need your help!

Please join us on Saturday April 26th at 9AM. Our organizers have an action-packed day planned, including:

  • Installing a medicinal herb garden, found-wood arbor, and wildflower garden
  • Hugelkulture workshop
  • Mushroom discussion
  • Permaculture planning and design techniques, walking the land, looking at sun map, and reviewing preliminary draft plans
  • Kids, accompanied by parents, are invited to get their hands dirty and learn by doing!
  • Much more…

Interested in helping plan? Contact us at: info@bostonfoodforest.org. There is still time to contribute your expertise!



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