Applied Permaculture Series 2019

Applied Permaculture Series 2019


We are excited to announce our new Applied Permaculture Series starting in February, 2019 and running through October, 2019.



The Applied Permaculture Series is different from other permaculture courses.  We focus on learning the practical skills of building and maintaining a permaculture food forest through a series of hands-on seasonal workshops.

We have engaged a team of inspiring instructors who are professional horticulturalists, homesteaders, and stewards of existing food forests. In this Applied series, you will prune, graft, and propagate trees and shrubs; build a good swale or berm; catch, divert, and use rainwater in the soil or in well-situated water barrels; create excellent soil; manage a polyculture;  inoculate the landscape with mushrooms; grow medicinal herbs, and much more!

Prior permaculture experience is helpful but not necessary to take this series!

Sign up for the entire series and receive a discount!  Or, sign up for individual sessions to best suit your schedule!

Register for the entire series before December 31 to receive an additional $50 discount!  Space is limited – generally to 12 participants per session.

Locations will be in Boston, and will be announced closer to the date of the workshops.


February 9

  • Afternoon – Social permaculture – organizing community, understanding inclusion and exclusion.

March 9

  • Morning – Introduction to pruning apples and pears
  • Afternoon – Propagating fruits and shrubs with cuttings

March 10

  • All day – Intermediate pruning apples and pears (requires completion of introductory workshop)

April 27

  • Morning – Expanding your forest: grafting your own apple trees
  • Afternoon – Mycology: integrating mushrooms into your food forest landscape

April 28

  • Morning – Making excellent soil: analysis and amendments
  • Afternoon – Planting young trees so they will thrive

May 25

  • Morning – Tree health management: avoiding and treating disease and pests
  • Afternoon – Build and espalier or trellis for additional space and beauty.

May 26

  • Morning – Planning and implementing a polyculture for food forest health
  • Afternoon – Integrate chickens: building your own chicken tractor or coop.

June 8

  • Morning – How to use a scythe: an ancient skill revived for resilience.
  • Afternoon – Herbs and natural remedies in your landscape for health.

July 13

  • Morning – Catch, save, and use water wisely in your food forest
  • Afternoon – Earthworks: swale and berm construction

September 22

  • Morning – Harvesting in your food forest: what will you find?
  • Afternoon — Using the food forest harvest in your kitchen

October 19

  • Morning – Winter preparation: tree care and mulching
  • Afternoon – The mighty acorn returns: processing acorns to make flour.