What a Harvest from the Hugelkultur!

We have had a fantastic first summer at the Boston Nature Center. Check out the hugelkultur raised bed before (May) and after (July).

May31_hugel2 IMG_0645

In this one small hugelkultur bed, we grew a surprising amount of food:

  • Cucumbers: 35 lbs
  • Tomatillos: 5 lbs
  • Tomatoes: unweigh-able – deer food!
  • Kale: 6 lbs
  • 15 Pumpkins: 60 lbs
  • 9 Butternut: 45 lbs
  • 5 Kuri Squash: 15 lbs
  • 1 Cabbage: 1 lb
  • Onions & shallots: 4 lbs
  • 5 Cantaloupe: 10 lbs
  • 1 Watermelon: 2 lbs
  • 3 Potatoes: 1.5 lbs

The biggest question on everyone’s mind is “What did we do with all the harvest?” In the future, as we grow larger amounts of food, we hope to donate a percentage of the fresh, healthy harvest to food banks and the families that need it most. This is where this year’s produce ended up:

  • Cucumbers sold at BNC veggie sale for donation-only
  • 2 bunches of kale were used by camp staff to make kale chips with the campers
  • 1 pumpkin given to Philbrick 1st grade class
  • 1 pumpkin given to one given to a BU volunteer on her birthday
  • 1 pumpkin given to a Haley school group
  • 2 pumpkins donated to Roxbury community project “Halloween on Hutchings”
  • 6 pumpkins distributed to families that had volunteered on site
  • 3 bunches of kale given to volunteers
  • All tomatoes became wildlife (deer) snacks
  • Most cantaloupe became wildlife (rodents) snacks
  • 2 cantaloupes harvested and shared with volunteers on workday
  • Tomatillos were given to BNC staff
  • Shallots were given to volunteers