Garden Raising @ Ellington Community Food Forest!

Garden Raising @ Ellington Community Food Forest!

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Date/Time - 11/19/2017 - 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Ellington Community Food Forest

We have 40 trees to plant!

Welcome to our real LAST fall garden raising of 2017!! Music and snacks are provided! Come join us for the fun! This is a family-friendly event, and all are welcome.

Come help us transform the vacant lot at 103 Ellington Street, Dorchester 02121 ( meet the neighborhood stewardship team and the neighbors planning and building this community food forest.

Our host, Utah, is a founding member of the Boston Food Forest Coalition who has already filled his backyard with fruit trees. He will be leading us in planting over 40 fruit trees, shrubs and vines that will leaf out this spring to shape the Ellington Community Food Forest:

We’ll be gathering with Ellington Street neighbors to learn about and practice late fall fruit tree planting! We’ll also be spreading wood chips and compost, so plenty for all to do.

*Dress for the weather – if heavy rain or snow, we will postpone

*Eat lunch first – we start at 1pm

*YOU DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND THE WHOLE EVENT! Everyone is welcome, and you are free to come and go as you please.

*No experience is necessary. This is a great chance to meet and connect with others in the community, learn about permaculture, and pick up on great gardening practices!!

If you have gardening gloves or tools, we would love for you to bring them. We will also be providing several gloves, shovels, and two wheelbarrows. Feel free to message us or post here with any questions!

Here is our list of trees, shrubs and vines that we will be planting:

Josta Berry Black
Josta Berry Red
Friend ™ Red Thornless Gooseberry
Lattarulla  Fig
Chicago Hardy Fig
Hardy White Ginger
Scarlet Ginger
Sea Kale
Sochi Tea Seedling
Japanese Banana
American Filbert
Nesbitt Muscadine Grape
Noble Muscadine Native Grape
Pixie ™ Riesling Grape
Issai Self Fertile Hardy Kiwi
Deep Purple ™ Akebia Vine
Purple Kimono ™ Akebia Vine
Eastern Prince ™ Schisandra Vine
Valentine ™ Male Schisandra Vine
Maypop Passionflower Perennial Vine
Exotica Cornelian Cherry
Yellow ™ Cornelian Cherry
Jujube Tree Bundle
Baby Shipova Pear
Blue Hokkaido ™ Honeyberry
Blue Mist ™ Honeyberry
Contorted Mulberry
Mellow ™ Quince
Nikita’s Gift ™ Hybrid Persimmon
Pawpaw Tree KSU-Benson™
Pawpaw Tree Potomac™
Pawpaw Tree Mango
Prolific Pawpaw (Grafted) EZ Start
Sunflower Pawpaw (Grafted) EZ Start
Pink Lemonade Blueberry
Pink Popcorn ™ Blueberry
Razz Blueberry Bush
Red Elderberry
Elderberry Nova
Elderberry Bundle York
Red Gem ™ Goumi
Sweet Scarlet ™ Goumi
Royal Medlar Fruit Tree
Texas Star Mayhaw
Nero Aronia Berry
Leikora Sea Berry
Sirola ™ Sea Berry
Male Sea Berry

Please note that this garden space is under construction and not accessible to people with mobility impairments.