Make Your Own Rainbarrels

Make Your Own Rainbarrels

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Date/Time - 09/19/2020 - 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Boston Nature Center

This event has been rescheduled as an online workshop held on the same day.  Register here.

Learn how to build your own rain barrel (or rain barrel series!) using simple tools!

Rainbarrels are a great way to store water for the weeks in the Summer when there can be long periods of drought. Having rainbarrels on hand will reduce your use of expensive drinking water for your food forest. In this workshop, you will learn to build a simple rainbarrel system using inexpensive materials and tools you already have at home. Our instructor, Babette Wils, built a food forest in her back yard; owns Big Foot Food Forest, a new permaculture farm in Montague, Mass.; manages the Boston Food Forest Coalition workshops, and is an experienced permaculture teacher.

Combine this workshop with Build an Espalier or Trellis, offered on the same day!

This course is part of our Applied Permaculture 2020 series. You can sign up for this workshop, or, get a discount by signing up for the entire series.