Permaculture in Your Daily Life Workshop

Permaculture in Your Daily Life Workshop

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Date/Time - 02/08/2020 - 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Boston Nature Center

Transform your life using permaculture principles!

Many people know that Permaculture is a sustainable, regenerative way to grow food that mimics Nature’s ways. But did you know that the same principles that guide Permaculture in the garden are also applicable in your own personal life to make you more resilient, productive, and connected? Personal Permaculture can apply to your relationship with yourself, and to how you relate to those around you. Orion Kriegman, our instructor has been practicing personal permaculture for many years and has taught many workshops on the inter-personal aspects of permaculture. Join Orion for an afternoon to tend your own inner and social garden. Orion is the Executive Director of the Boston Food Forest Coalition.

Take this workshop together with Social Permaculture, offered on the same day!

This course is part of our Applied Permaculture 2020 series. You can sign up for this workshop, or, get a discount by signing up for the entire series.