Planting Your Food Forest – online workshop May 3

Planting Your Food Forest – online workshop May 3

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Date/Time - 05/03/2020 - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Learn the correct planting techniques to make sure your trees and herbs thrive in this one-hour zoom workshop.  Join Utah Othneil, owner of Boston’s oldest private food forest.

An in-person version of this workshop will be offered later in the season, once the Governor has determined that we can safely gather in small groups.

If you want to take just one workshop to get the basics of starting your own food forest, this is it. In this workshop you will learn proper planting technique for your trees and shrubs, and plant a guild of supporting small plants around them in a polyculture. Proper planting technique gives your plants a head start, and increases survival rates of your new plants. Polycultures are at the heart of permaculture’s principle to create self-sustaining ecosystems. A polyculture can include plants to attract pest-predators and pollinators, plants that repel pests, plants that provide important nutrients for others, and many other helpful functions. Join, and be inspired!

Combine this workshop with Making the Best Soil for Your Food Forest online, offered on the same day!

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This course is part of our Applied Permaculture 2020 series. You can sign up for this workshop, or, get a discount by signing up for the entire series.