Farmers Collaborative

Farmers Collaborative (FC) boasts over 45-years of collective experience in agriculture and community organizing.  Since 2016, Farmers Collaborative has worked locally with neighbors and community organizations on five scattered sites to keep them safe and clean, support urban farming activities, and organize the neighborhood and local businesses to use these spaces for community events. In 2019, with CPA funding, we built the food forest on 424 Geneva Ave.

Through the Boston Food Forests’ partnership with FC, we’ve worked together to maintain several sites in Boston. 

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A rectangular corner parcel has been vacant for 20 years, and the surrounding community lacks accessible parks and adequate green spaces.  The vacant parcel has been collecting trash, broken glass and dangerous materials. Left underutilized vacant parcels have encouraged illegal dumping and other crime; this parcel is near bus stops, businesses and residential housing. 

Our plan is focused on improving health and wealth outcomes for all Mattapan residents by reducing disparities in nutrition and access to fresh foods. We  are committed to promoting a healthy environment and in addition to being a local food source. The “food forest” at Morton St reduces the carbon footprint of the community, increases tree canopy coverage with agroforestry, mitigates the urban heat island, captures rainwater runoff, and reduces stress and violence, while adding insectary plants that create habitat for our endangered native pollinators. This enhances community resilience by weaving relationships between neighbors, land, and food. 

Future endeavors: 

Year-round grow structure & Outdoor seasonal crops in grow beds

Welcome Portal 

Edible trees, shrubs, and native wildflowers 

Stone walkway and patio, with seating and ADA complaint pathway

Community art

Outdoor lighting 

Water feature/irrigation


Previously a vacant lot in the Dorchester area, it was turned into a thriving food forest. This project was initiated by BFFC, Farmers Collaborative, Speak for the Trees, and several other organizations. The Geneva Farm project aims to utilize the aquaponic system and vertical gardens to provide fresh produce for the community and help increase diet quality for the homeless. 

The site has an urban greenhouse, grow beds, and rain garden. The height of the greenhouse is 10ft, providing room for vertical growing. The aquaponics system allows water to continually circulate through the system, and the fish eat and produce waste to elicit bacteria growth, therefore acting as a natural fertilizer for plants to absorb.

Check out this article by 3BL Media to learn more about the Hope Garden:

Hero Hope Garden, Geneva St. 





So far there is 10+ raised beds. And over 10 fruiting shrubs and vines, including a nice 20ft mulberry tree and lots of wild blackberry.

Future Endeavors
– Planting (remediation, native species, soil regeneration)
– Water Harvesting (rain barrels)
– Artistic Earth Construction Projects (cob workshop – benches, oven)
– Community/Cultural Events (music, films…)
– Youth Programs/Activities (food/environmental justice, job training, creative cooperation…)