Garden Raising

Garden Raisings are like old-fashioned barn raisings where neighbors would build each other a barn in an afternoon, only in this case it’s a garden.

This is a new community network to share skills and build forest gardens in private yards. Volunteers gather to transform the host’s land into an edible forest garden in one day, using design elements and projects selected by the host in close consultation with the BFFC.

Best way to get involved and find out more is to join us and learn by doing, plus your yard could be next!


Do you have land that you would like to be turned in to a functioning forest garden? Do you have projects in mind to expand your current garden space?

We will provide assistance with procuring necessary source materials, recruiting volunteers, and crafting your unique forest garden design. The Forest Garden Raising coordinator will plan the day with you, ensuring that each project has a leader and that volunteers are guided along through the day.

How it works:

If you are interested in having a forest garden built by community members, please fill-in this short in-take form so we can reach back to you about Spring 2019.

We will:

  1. Connect you with a designer to plan your garden
  2. Recruit volunteers to build your garden in one day
  3. Help guide you through locating materials 
  4. Organize the schedule of the day for your Forest Garden Raising

You will:

  1. Meet with our coordinator for an initial meeting to survey and asses your yard for suitability
  2. Work with the designer to create a garden plan that meets your needs and interests.
  3. Arrange payment for plants and materials
  4. Provide snacks and drinks for the potluck the day of the garden raising
  5. Participate in roughly two hours of preparation work

Start a Garden Raising

Are you interested in volunteering at a Forest Garden Raising, or do you have connections to materials and resources to build these gardens? Contact Orion, our Forest Garden Coordinator.

Looking for an opportunity to garden this year? My City Gardens matches gardeners with neighbors who have space to share, in other words, yard-sharing.

Inspired by The Resilience Hub’s Portland Maine Permablitz Network, the BFFC has put together a similar program to serve Boston’s neighborhoods. BFFC’s Forest Garden Raising Program engages community members through the planning and construction of personal edible forest gardens, facilitates the education of hosts and volunteers in forest garden concepts, and increases the amount of productive land in our city. Contact Orion, our Forest Garden Coordinator if you have any questions, or would like to learn more about how you can get involved!

Garden Raising in Kim and Susan’s yard Fall 2016

Garden Raising in Nelida and Aida’s yard, Fall 2015