Everett Ave.


Join Us at: 11a Everett Ave. Dorchester Boston, MA 02125 

A currently vacant lot in Dorchester is being converted into a “food forest garden”, a 8,156 sq. ft. open community green space with a combination of flower beds placed among fruit and nut trees and shrubs, creating an open space for use by residents and visitors to the neighborhood.

The future Everett Avenue Community Food Forest (planned for completion in June 2021) will be a vibrant, beautiful garden and open space for neighbors to connect with each other and the earth, to be empowered to grow their own food and to teach their children how to garden fruit and nut crops. This urban food forest will be a welcoming public open space that provides not only the opportunity to grow and distribute food locally, but acts as a public park and a community gathering spot in Uphams Corner, an area which previously sorely lacked open space.

Future endeavors:

Native wildflower beds

Public food forest

Accessible pathways


Local art

Repaired stone wall

Picnic benches

Outdoor lighting











So far there is 10+ raised beds. And over 10 fruiting shrubs and vines, including a nice 20ft mulberry tree and lots of wild blackberry.

Future Endeavors
– Planting (remediation, native species, soil regeneration)
– Water Harvesting (rain barrels)
– Artistic Earth Construction Projects (cob workshop – benches, oven)
– Community/Cultural Events (music, films…)
– Youth Programs/Activities (food/environmental justice, job training, creative cooperation…)