Our Vision

The Boston Food Forest Coalition (BFFC)'s mission is to promote food justice and sustainable urban agriculture by building nourishing relationships between neighbors, land, and food in the city. We achieve this through our flagship educational site at the Boston Nature Center (BNC), education and advocacy to promote urban permaculture, and work with neighbors to establish neighborhood food forest gardens.

BFFC is a coalition of committed neighbors, volunteers and partner organizations forming a network of neighborhood-based food forest gardens. In 2015 we incorporated as a non-profit land trust.

We are building community
– of growers practicing and sharing permaculture* skills
– around the gathering and growing spaces we create in neighborhoods throughout the city
– by returning urban lots to the commons by incorporating sites into a community land trust

We are teaching people how to grow food
– through hands-on workshops at BNC, our demonstration site
– in their own urban back yards and neighborhoods
– by sharing the skills of a team of certified permaculturists

We are using permaculture practices because they
– use less water, labor, fertilizer and energy
– emphasize perennial plantings inter-planted with much loved annual food crops
– build diverse habitat and healthy soil

* Permaculture planting methods allow for maximum production with limited input from labor, no water other than rainfall, and zero amount of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. This is because plantings are designed to support each others' growth, deter pests, attract beneficial insects, fill margins to eliminate weeds, and maintain moisture and nutrients in the soil.