Planet Subaru

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A very unique and exciting food forest project is taking place spawning a cooperative effort between the Boston Food Forest, The Chapman Farm School, and Planet Subaru in Hanover. HomeHarvest – Edible Landscapeswill begin installation tomorrow and we hope you’ll catch up on Chapman’s story and follow along on this amazing journey. (More below)

An exciting and unique partnership is literally growing between Boston Food Forest Coalition, a non-profit community land trust dedicated to promoting food justice and sustainable urban agriculture by building nourishing relationships between neighbors, land, and food in the city, The Chapman Farm School, a microschool that provides adolescents with a personally meaningful education in a caring, connected community, and Planet Subaru, a successful and fast-growing local corporation serving the role of project sponsor and beacon of local social and environmental stewardship!

Forty-plus mature fruit trees and shrubs will be planted on Planet Subaru’s 11-acre property in Hanover this October, adjacent to their beautiful .4-mile nature trail. These will serve as the core of a food forest, which over time will include herbs, vines, annuals, edible perennial flowers and greens, as well as plants dedicated to amending soil conditions and supporting natural habitat. Management and farming duties will be performed by students and teachers of The Chapman Farm School. Upon completion, this will be the newest food forest within the Boston Food Forest Coalition network.

A food forest is a sustainable land management system that mimics a woodland ecosystem, focusing on food-producing trees and shrubs. In a food forest system, edible plants occupy a succession of layers—including upper level fruit and nut trees, middle level berry shrubs and vines, and lower level herbs, edible perennials, and annuals—to create an interconnected and productive whole. Intermixed with these edibles are beneficial plants that attract helpful, pest-controlling insects and that build healthy soil by providing nitrogen and mulch. Working together, this diverse collection of plants form functional relationships that maximize food yields while reducing the need for maintenance. This regenerative forest garden ecosystem offers a beautiful, ecologically healthy, and useful way to meet our most urgent human needs for food, shelter, water harvesting, and medicine.

Planet Subaru News

Planet Subaru was awarded the Cox Automotive Leader in Sustainability Award for 2020. Watch this video to learn more about Planet Subaru’s unique environmental efforts.

Through a project managed by MEND, Planet Subaru, in late June and early July of 2020, will be releasing 500 northern bobwhite quails at their food forests and trails.

Installation of the Planet Food Forest has begun this morning at Planet Subaru by HomeHarvest.

Abby and Evelyn, with Mark Negron from Planet Subaru, are hard at work building this forward-thinking farm for the kids at The Chapman Farm School.