Applied Permaculture 5: Soil improvement and tree planting

Applied Permaculture 5: Soil improvement and tree planting


Learn how to create the best soil ever with materials you have already!
Learn how to plant your new trees in your food forest so they will thrive!




Morning: The basis of your food forest is your soil. Healthy soil means healthy, beautiful plants and a bounty of good food to harvest. In this workshop we will analyze the soil of our host site, and take steps to amend and improve it. Our instructor is a geologist with a speciality in soil science and permaculture.

Afternoon: Ensuring the long-term survival of your food forest trees begins from the moment you plant them. Proper planting technique increases survival rates of your new plants, and gives them a head start to grow quickly. In this workshop, we will plant trees at our host site. Our instructor is the owner of a decades-old private food forest and steward of one of the Boston Food Forest gardens.

You can take this course as part of the Applied Permaculture Series.