Applied Permaculture 9: Water and earthworks

Applied Permaculture 9: Water and earthworks


Learn how to structure your landscape to capture, store, and save water, and create micro-climates and terraces for your plants through earthworks!



Morning: Rainwater is essential to your food forest plants, but without careful management, much of that precious rainwater will run off and be lost. In this workshop, you will learn how to capture and store rainwater, how to divert it to the plants that need it most, and how to use water sparingly as we implement a water-saving or water-catchment project. Our instructor is a professional permaculture gardener.

Afternoon: Earthworks are one way to capture, store, and divert water, but you can also use them to create micro-climates and terraces in your food forest. In this afternoon workshop you will learn about earthworks by implementing a project at one of BFFC’s sites using tools that are readily available. Our instructor is a professional stone-mason and homesteader with many years of experience.

You can take this course as part of the Applied Permaculture Series.